13-Year-Old Texas Girl Kidnapped And Killed Over Stolen Drugs

A search for a 13-year-old Texas girl has come to an end after local authorities found her body inside an abandoned home.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Shavon Le’ Feye Randle was reported missing Wednesday and then found Sunday. (July 2) Also found dead inside the home was 19-year-old Michael Titus who was named a person of interest in the girl’s disappearance.

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At the time of this story, no one has been charged with Shavon’s murder, however two men have been arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping. The heartbreaking ordeal began after authorities say one of Shavon’s relative’s boyfriend stole a large sum of drugs, and as retaliation kidnapped the 13-year-old.

“We didn’t have the positive result we were looking for, but being able to let Shavon’s family know that we’ve located her was our goal,” said Eric Jackson, of the FBI’s Dallas field office. “We’re going to continue our investigation, and anyone we find that were involved in this heinous crime against Shavon, we will bring you to justice and we will hold you accountable.”

Two days prior to Shavon’s kidnapping, 22-year-old Kendall Perkins stole drugs from  Darius Fields, Devontae Owens and Laporshya Polley while inside a Motel 6. Perkins is the boyfriend of Ledoris Randle who is Shavon’s cousin.

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Randle received a call Wednesday from an unknown man demanding the drugs back and said they would kill Shavon if they called the cops or didn’t return the drugs. An Amber alert was issued in Shavon’s disappearance. It’s being reported Owens, Polley and Fields  are being held inside a county jail.