50 Cent Ends Business Partnership With Effen Vodka

Effen Vodka and Curtis Jackson are reportedly no more. The businessman and artist, who has name dropped Effen Vodka at nearly every opportunity on social media and his music, has parted ways with the company.

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The news was revealed during Power 105.1’s “Rumor Report” on The Breakfast Club (July 17), with DJ Envy claiming 50 sold his minority stake in the company for $60 million. The rapper and executive producer behind Power began his business partnership with the Holland-based spirits company in 2014. The deal also included a spokesman gig for 50, who introduced the vodka to fans. Speaking with People in 2016, 50 explained his reasoning behind the deal.

“When I’m out and there’s nightlife, it’s what I drink,” he said. “And the way the mixologist creates different drinks with it, people are attracted to it.”

The report also states the departure happened a little over a month ago, but that hasn’t stopped 50 from posting subliminals about the brand on social media. 50 took to Instagram this afternoon to share stills from Effen’s latest cameo in Power along with a few captions about the reported departure.

50 hasn’t said goodbye to the spirit world just yet. In May, Jackson took a visit to Cognac, France, the epicenter for dark liquor. French news outlet Sud Ouest adds the rapper met with Lilian Tessendier, a popular figure in the spirits business. He also took a trip to the Champagne region of town, increasing speculation about his next business move.

UPDATE: 7/18/17 10:50 A.M. EST

50 has provided a few details behind the Effen deal. While going back with DJ Envy on Instagram, the rapper shared he hasn’t completely parted ways with the company, but renegotiated his current position.

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