‘Airbnbmag’ Premiere Issue An Homage To Cuba Libre

“For most Americans, there’s something tauntingly provocative about a place your country has spent fifty years telling you not to go,” writes David Georgi in Airbnbmag’s premiere issue, which actually hit stands back in late May. “In particular, we came to Havana hoping to find out a little about Santeria, the island’s homegrown religion.”

The recently launched print magazine, in partnership with Hearst, is dedicated to celebrating “the global community to which we all belong,” uncovering the “true” food, history, culture, customs and spirit of a given location. It’s no surprise that its inaugural issue would highlight Cuba, paying homage to the island’s rich soul and legacy: una Cuba libre.

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“‘¡Hasta Siempre Comandante!’ promises a faded poster in the window of an empty shop; Fidel smiles down, sun-bleached to the same green as his fatigues,” says Georgi of a visit to Havana, following the death of Fidel Castro in November 2016.

“Travelers around the world are constantly looking for new inspiration and insight — whether to uncover hidden gems and discover unique destinations or plan for their next trip,” Airbnb cofounder and chief executive officer Brian Chesky told WWD. “Our community will provide the perfect lens for readers of Airbnbmag to discover the world, learn about new neighborhoods and hear great stories.”

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As POTUS seeks to rescind the “wet foot, dry foot” immigration policy, implement travel restrictions and discourage transactions with Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), the future of U.S.-Cuba relations still seems obscure.

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