AJ Tracey Proclaims His Love For Tottenham’s Hotspurs On “False 9″


London’s AJ Tracey is a true football fan. We’re not talking about the Jets or the Giants here. Around his way, soccer is a way of life — and Tottenham is the only team he represents.

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He turns up one time for Tottenham’s Hotspur club in his new video for “False 9.” The lyricist and members of the team are shown in the video, donning the new Nike Hotspur jerseys.

“Chop left, sent to the shop, go Matalan/Pace abuse, I chase cheques like Aubameyang/And I say what I mean, no anagram/They call man false 9/But I can play that ten role/Go up to the dance, one bro, one migo/Been a legend and I still am like Figo,” raps AJ on the track while bigging up the squad.