People Are In Their Feelings Over Angela Rye Referring To Trump As ‘Your President’

In the throws of yet another controversy surrounding the Trump administration, political pundits have turned their focus on political commentator and activist Angela Rye.

For what reason you wonder? Rye has refused to call No. 45 her president.

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The lingo, “not my president” has loomed since Trump’s presidential win against Hillary Clinton last year, with it taking shape through social media. Plenty of celebs like John Legend and the 88% percent of African-Americans who voted for Clinton have thrown around the term, but for some reason or another, Rye’s comments on John Berman’s segment on CNN struck a nerve with critics.

The comment happened Monday (Jul. 17) during Rye’s exchange with former Republican Rep. Jack Kingston. Kingston, who worked with the Trump campaign last year, discussed the orange clouds surrounding Donald Trump Jr. and the allegations of collusion with Russian government heads when Rye referred to Trump as “your president.”

“There are a lot of things that your president has done to defy logic,” she said to Kingston. “Let’s at least acknowledge that.” She was then “corrected” by Kingston who said, “Your president too, Angela. Your president, too.”

Berman ended the conversation by calling with Trump “the president of the United States.”

Rye was met with tweets from Trump supporters encouraging her to say “president” and “Trump” in the same sentence.

We’re sure a few trolls won’t break Rye’s stride. Check out the conversation above.

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