Where’s The Best Place To Get Fried Chicken?

AllDefDigital and a handful of comedians attempt to answer the age old question in a new video: where’s the best place to find the most delectable fried chicken in America?

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Choosing from some of the top chicken distributors and restaurants- Bojangles, KFC, Popeyes, Albertsons, Church’s, and Harold’s- comedians such as MegScoop, Tahir Moore, Denzel Lee and more discuss which company delivers the most high-quality goods.

“[Bojangles] is from the South, it don’t come across the Mississippi River, because they focus on making their stuff good,” explains KevOnStage. “National expansion chicken means it ain’t that good.”

Tony Baker represents “Chicago staple” Harold’s Chicken, which he says is “phenomenal.” However, MegScoop can’t get enough of that “Original Recipe” from the Colonel.

“Eleven herbs and spices, it’s a secret…nobody else’s chicken has been served for almost 100 years,” she boasts of KFC’s finger-lickin’ chicken. Comedians sitting in the peanut gallery persist to poke fun at her reasonings for the seasonings, saying that the secret to the taste is “dirt, dirt…bullsh*t and more dirt.”

Director Patrick Houston tried his best to make a case for the black sheep of the selection pool,  grocery store fried chicken, stating that you can enjoy it at home and eat it naked if you want.

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The beauty of fried chicken is in the eye of the bucket holder. What are your thoughts?