The BeyGOOD Foundation Plans To Help Burundi’s Residents Access Safe Drinking Water


Beyonce’s organization, BeyGOOD, continues its mission to aid those who’ve endured environmental or economic strife. For their latest initiative, the foundation plans to extend a helping hand to the people of Burundi to help them access safe drinking water.

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The East African country has remained in a state of crisis since 2015. As a result of civil unrest, the country’s lack of clean and easy access to drinking water was deemed one of the main factors in the deaths of thousands of people, mainly children. Now, through donations, BeyGOOD hopes to fund the country’s mission.

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“With your help, nearly half a million people will gain access to safe water, as BEYGOOD4BURUNDI and UNICEF will support building water supply systems for healthcare facilities and schools, and the drilling of boreholes, wells and springs to bring safe water to districts,” a passage from Beyonce’s website reads.

In a statement published by Reuters from UNICEF USA’s chief executive, Caryl Stern said, “This unique partnership combines UNICEF’s decades of expertise in providing clean water to children in Burundi and around the world with the power and influence of the entertainment world to bring about social change.”

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