Blac Chyna On Rob Kardashian Slander: “I’m Proud Of The Woman I Am Today”



The statement below was made from an unofficial Blac Chyna Facebook account. However, the model and mother of two did take to Snapchat in a series of now-deleted comments, claiming Rob slept with other women and physically abused her—something she’s had to keep to herself allegedly because of the Kardashian legacy.

Not long after Rob Kardashian went on a social media posting spree accusing ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna of infidelity and exploiting him financially—exposing some of her most intimate body parts in the process, the model and mother of two took to Facebook in response.

“All my life I’ve been called out of my name. I’ve been called a Hoe, slut, bitch, Gold digger, whore, stripper, you name it. Ever since I was a teenager, I had to go out and get it on my own and provide for my family,” she began. “I was once told I would never be shit & now look at me. Every time I have something going for myself, people always try to find a way to tear me down.”

Kardashian, who’s been met with more backlash than he can handle since, also alleged Chyna is unfit to be a mother, to which she swiftly aimed to debunk by explaining why she left the father of her second child.

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“Everyone who knows me know I ride for my kids so for somebody to publicly go and say otherwise really hurt me,” she continued in the post below. “The reason I left me and Rob’s situation was because it was toxic and wasn’t moving forward. When I move forward I constantly have somebody tearing me down. I’m proud of the woman I am today because God will allow to me to overcome every obstacle that’s placed in front of me.”

Kardashian could be facing charges on what California’s penal code defines as “revenge porn,” or “nonconsensual pornography,” as the intentional distribution of intimate photos or videos of another “identifiable person” that were intended to remain private and, when shared, caused “serious emotional distress.”

“The main point of it is that even if Chyna sent him nude photos,” celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom explained to the Washington Post, “if she didn’t want them posted publicly, the law protects her.”

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