Premiere: Blvck Haze Turns The Heat Up On New Single, “Swa” (Feat. KD)


From the island of Curaçao, Blvck Haze makes their VIBE debut with new single, “Swa.” Mixing sounds from the Caribbean, the track also features fellow Pretty Boy Worldwide artist, KD. It’s upbeat sound was made in the spirit of summer fun with a twist of dancehall.

“We make everything together,” says Andrew about Blck Haze’s creative process. “We record and write at the same Time. A lot of times when the songs are done, and we play the them back, the ideas keep coming.”

The team’s vocalist, Meghan, has been honing her voice ever since she could utter words from her mouth. As a child, music was a big part of her household — and she says her parents played a big role in her passion.

“I was always singing in school, church and in groups when I was younger. My family has always been into music. I can remember loving artists Sade and Aaliyah when I was growing up. As for Blvck Haze, our music now is a mix of everything from island vibes, dancehall, hip-hop, R&B and more,” says Meghan.

The duo hopes to bring more eyes and ears to the island of Curaçao with their upcoming projects. Producer Andrew and singer Meghan recently teamed up with Pretty Boy Worldwide and will release their debut album with the label later this year. Native to Barbados, Pretty Boy founder Trevor Pretty discovered the talent while scouting new acts from the islands.

“Trevor pushed us to make songs in English,” Meghan tells VIBE. “Before we were just making songs in Papiamento, which is spoken in Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire. With our music, we just want to help spread the sounds from our home.”

Listen to Blvck Haze’s new single “Swa” below.

Contact for Blck Haze: Trevor and Paul (Pretty Boy Worldwide)