Fit Files: Brittne Babe Shares 5 Exercises To Do Onboard A Cruise Ship

The warm weather is finally here and summer vacation plans are in full swing. From flights to an exotic island to a weekend getaway to one of your favorite cities, getting to a long-awaited and oftentimes well-deserved destination becomes your main focus. Unfortunately, one of the first things to go out the window is your workout regimen and healthy eating habits. Smell-good foods tempt you to indulge and all the fun and relaxation prevent you from thinking twice about letting your 30-min-a-day cardio goal fall to the wayside. But it doesn’t always have to be this way.

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Health coach and personal trainer Brittne Babe tagged along with VIBE to the 2nd Annual Zumba Cruise and shared some equipment and gym-free exercises that can be done at any time and any place, especially when enjoying your vacation while at sea on a cruise ship.

Watch the video above and add these 5 exercises to your to-do list when on vacation with your family and friends.


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