One Stripper Who Drake Tried To Retire During HAW Speaks Out About Rapper’s Controlling Nature

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During Drake’s Houston Appreciation Weekend, the rapper held a special “jersey retirement” ceremony for three popular strippers in the game: Lira “Galore” Mercer, Miracle Watts, and Maliah Michel. Many fans who attended the mock ceremony found the stunt comical, sharing photos and videos on social media. The three women targeted however, didn’t find the gesture quite as funny. Following an overflow of media coverage, Maliah Michel unleashed a series of tweets, exposing how controlling and mean the “Fake Love” rapper allegedly was to her in the past.

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It started with a post on Instagram,  in which Michel shared a flyer for one of her most recent appearance at a nightclub in Hollywood, indicating that she was not throwing in the towel on her dancing aspirations just yet. “Contrary to ‘social media news’ no man can retire me. I’m shaking this azz into a wheel chair. Maliah will retire Maliah,” she wrote.

Contrary to "social media news" no man can retire me. I'm shaking this azz into a wheel chair. Maliah will retire Maliah #MaliahMondays

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Things only continued to get more twisted as she switched to Twitter to elaborate on her experience being an exotic dancer and Drake’s unsuccessful attempt to get her to stop.  “I will be 34 in December. Do you know how good it feels to be able to walk in The club with girls 10 years plus younger than me and still be that b***h? Y’all say what you want or think what you want., but I call that blessed,” she explained. “Y’all don’t know that n***a been trying to make me stop dancing. Always putting me down about it. Always telling me I’m not better than anyone else in the club selling ass instead of dancing. But n*gga can’t stay out the club.”

There’s no secret that Drake may have an obsession with the strip club and “saving” women from that lifestyle. It’s often been publicized in the media and in his music. But Michel’s claims imply their is a darker side. “My only regret is ever trying to explain how much I love dancing and thinking so highly of him,” she continued. “I let his opinion of me mold my opinion of myself. F**k that and f**k you if you got a problem.”

Michel also explained how she tried to defend herself and convince the rapper that she was making the best choices for her, but he allegedly shunned her. “I said Beyoncé wears the same kind of stuff I wear. This n***a got mad and told me not to compare myself to Beyoncé. No matter how light I tried to make things. Just always mean and hurtful. But whatever I’m done,” she added.

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While this situation is turning out to be another case of “he said, she said,” it has been confirmed that the two do know each other. His relationship with Michel has been well-document in his music, including the shout out on his 2010 track, “Miss Me,” featuring Lil Wayne.

Check out Maliah Michel’s tweets here.