Father Who Surprised Son With A Baseball Bat Captures His First Home Run


Just a year ago, ESPN ran a lighthearted tale about a father gifting his son a baseball bat for his birthday. What made the gift special was that Devon Fowler made it seem like he forgot his son Brahiem Fowler’s birthday, but he instead surprised him with the neon green bat.

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Braheim Fowler thought his dad forgot his birthday. Little did he know it was all part of his father’s plan.

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Now, a year later Brahiem’s baseball skills were put to the test, and he managed to score an impressive home run as his father captured the moment on video, while simultaneously catching the ball. The hit happened just a mere week before Brahiem’s 13th birthday on July 17.

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The bat seems like a very special tool in the Fowler household. We’re sure this isn’t the last time we’ll hear of Brahiem’s baseball career.