Premiere: Figg Panamera And Kevin Gates Go GTA Trappin’ In “Phone Ringing” (Video)


Figg Panamera a.k.a. JT The Bigga Figga has made a name for himself as one of the West Coast’s most influential rap entrepreneurs from the Bay Area. For over two decades, he has maintained his independence and stayed ahead of the curve. He stays true to that with a little inspiration from Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V. video game. Watch the latest visual from his new album, “Phone Ringing,” featuring Kevin Gates, which was created and directed by the GTAV Skit Boyz.

The video features Figg and the incarcerated Kevin Gates trapping out in Los Santos. It’s a well-executed and original concept that perfectly fits the raw and gritty context of “Phone Ringing.”

Figg opened up about his close relationship with Gates and talked about how the song’s concept came together. “When Kevin Gates started his own label around 2012/13, I helped mentor him about digital distribution and running an indie label. We talked a lot about trapping and the important of keeping your phone busy,” said Figg Panamera. “He’s a phone fanatic. He came up with the concept of ‘Phone Ringing’ and this was before his big hit ‘2 Phones.’ With me and him, the phone stay ringing.”

Cali Boy Down South is available online now.

“My Philly partner hooked it up between me and the GTAV Skit Boyz. Kevin Gates got sentenced to 30 months, I want to help keep his name out and keep his buzz going because he’s dope,” says the Bay Area O.G.