Floyd Mayweather & Conor McGregor Have Epic Stare Down During LA Press Conference

The fight many sports fans have been waiting for is quickly approaching. Just one month before Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are scheduled to face off in the ring, the two rivals took the stage during a press conference Tuesday afternoon (July 12), for an epic stare down. But of course, in addition to a few dirty looks, the two also exchanged a number of f-bombs and trash talking.

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McGregor stepped up to the podium first at the conference in Los Angeles, and came with a pretty strong message. “He is f***ed. No other way about it,” McGregor ranted. “I’m going to knock him out inside four rounds. Mark my words.” Those were bold comments, considering Mayweather has a career record of 49-0. But the Irishman also managed to pop off a couple of jokes about Mayweather’s “track suit” attire as well.

That didn’t seem to bother Mayweather though. The boxing champ returned a few jabs, calling McGregor a “seven-figure” fighter, while he’s a “nine-figure” one. “I’m going to knock this bitch out too,” Mayweather said.

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Towards the end of the conference, things grew even more heated with Mayweather taunting the crowd about fighting his opponent at that very moment. Ultimately, Mayweather said he would hold off until next month.

The Mayweather v. McGregor fight will reportedly kick off on Aug. 26. In the meantime, the two will continue their press tour through the rest of the week, making stops in Toronto, Brooklyn, and London. Who are you putting money on?