Here’s The Trailer For The Larger Than Life TV Comeback Of ‘Hey Arnold!’


For all those kids who came home from school to plop in front of the television for Nickelodeon binge sessions, this one’s for you. Popular cartoon Hey Arnold! is making it’s return to the network in the form of a two-part TV special.

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After a 13 year hiatus, Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie will revisit the life of our favorite football-headed do-gooder and his community. In a newly released trailer, we see his family, friends and classmates playing a video for a contest submission. The flick—which features Gerald, Harold, Pigeon Man, Stoop Kid, Eugene, Rhonda, Lila and more—that will help him eventually win a trip to Central America, the international locale his missing parents were long linked to.

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The premiere date, which was announced at this year’s Comic Con, will be November 23 on Nickelodeon. We’ve already got the popcorn ready. Press play on the trailer up top.