Houston Retiree Builds 20,000-Square-Foot Mansion For Himself And Friends Because…Why Not?

Reggie Van Lee may very well be the new definition of  goals. The former Alvin Ailey dancer recently retired as a vice president of a Houston consulting firm. Yet, instead of spending his retirement by himself he built a 20,000-square-foot mansion for him, his sisters their husbands and a few other of his friends.

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Each occupant has their own living room, kitchen and laundry facility along with two bedrooms–one guest and master bedroom and each bedroom has its own bathroom. The home also has a pool for the grandkids, a mini hair salon for Lee’s sisters as well as built in chapel.

“It’s fine, we each have our own spaces so we can each see each other when we want,” Mark Szafarz said to Fox 26 Houston.

Lee, 59, said while he’s received many compliments from those who believe he did this for his sister. Lee maintains the home is equally beneficial for everyone. “As much as people say ‘Oh, that’s so nice of you to do this for your sisters’ they have no idea the joy I get myself.” Lee said.

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Lee said he received the idea to build the grounds after being invited to the Kennedy compound by Caroline Kennedy. “In 1976, this little black boy from Sunnyside, [Texas] said ‘I’d like to have a family compound someday.”

Glad to see he did it.