Louisiana Inmate Escapes Then Kidnaps And Murders The Warden’s Step-Daughter


A Louisiana inmate who escaped from prison reportedly kidnapped and murdered the assistant warden’s step-daughter before being shot and killed by prison guards last weekend. Deltra Henderson, 39, who was deemed a trustworthy inmate, escaped from the David Wade Correctional Center Thursday (July 27) and abducted Amanda Leigh Carney who lived with her family on the prison grounds.

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The manhunt for Henderson began just after 2pm. Henderson crashed a vehicle he stole in the area north of the prison. Guards later found Carney’s body nearby. The 19-year-old is said to have just graduated from Summerfield High School.

The Claiborne Parish Sheriff’s Office then confirmed Henderson saw another vehicle and sold that one before crashing it. Henderson reportedly entered a home nearby and found a gun. As prison guards closed in on the house Henderson entered a gunfight ensued, which ended in him being shot and killed.

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KSLA 12 News confirms Henderson had been serving time since 2001, was convicted of one count of cocaine distribution, aggravated burglary and armed robbery. Henderson was due to get out March 28, 2025.