Interview: Zendaya, Tom Holland And More Discuss ‘Spiderman Homecoming’

Spiderman Homecoming has all the perfect ingredients for your quintessential teenage movie. Yet like with all Marvel creations, there are magical super powers involved coupled with a set of missions to complete. British newcomer Tom Holland (Spiderman/Peter Parker) does a magnificent job at morphing into the man who’s fascinated with spider-webs and fighting off mischief.

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Amid his super natural powers, Parker is your typical awkward high school student. There’s a hint of love involved as he is crushing hard on classmate Liz Allan (played by Laura Harrier). And there’s also an endearing coming of age friendship on screen with his long time pal Ned (Jacob Batalon).

Another captivating character thrown into the mix is, Michelle (Zendaya) who plays the weird girl who at the same time is too cool for school, and not easily impressed. Interestingly enough, rumors are now surfacing that in real life, Zendaya and Tom are dating.

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Before the alleged love connection, VIBE caught up with the gang along with Marisa Tomei (Aunt May) on a balmy June Saturday in New York City where the cast discussed everything from the movie’s action packed scenes, to the diverse faces that are present (and very necessary) in the film.