Is 50 Cent Venting About His Strained Relationship With His Eldest Son?

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Unfortunately, 50 Cent and his oldest son Marquise don’t have a healthy relationship. While the cause of their strained union is convoluted, both have taken to social media in the past to air their grievances about the other, and it seems as though the Power executive has taken to Instagram once again to get a few frustrations off his chest that have led many to believe he’s speaking about son once again

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“How long could you love something that don’t love you back? When your kid would rather be around your enemies than you,could you still love him? Is there a limit to how much disrespect you can accept?” Fif captioned. “If you provided everything for someone then found out they could careless about you. when you realized there view point could you ever have compassion for them?”

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Back in June, 50 Cent responded to someone who questioned his parenting skills. The 42-year-old rapper and mogul referred to his Marquise who is his spitting image, as his heart, and because of his actions, claims he longer has one.

Hopefully this relationship is mended quickly.