Is There A Chance A Building Address Went Into Consideration For JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’?


Before you even ask: No, the 4:44 hype has not died down yet. How can it? Every day and every listen, there’s a new layer to pull back. A new twist and turn in the narrative. Because of JAY-Z’s bare emotions and his infidelity laid out on wax, title track “4:44″ because of the center of conversation. Jay said that thoughts woke him up at that exact time in the morning, and prompted him to confess his sins, so to speak.

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Even more table-shaking worthy than his confessions is the album’s connection to what went in down in the infamous elevator melee with Solange. One Twitter user tweeting about his whereabouts noted that The Shop at The Standard, the in-hotel store beyond the Standard Hotel’s front desk and lobby, was near where the incident occurred and has an address that matches the album title.

Coincidence? Conspiracy theory? Truth? Who knows, but what’s for certain is that the GIF and meme reactions to the post are priceless.

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