J.I.D Debuts A Page From His Verbal Diary On “Hasta Luego”


It’s almost scary to think that J.I.D is just getting warmed up. After joining the Dreamville family this year, his audience has expanded tremendously, and he gained a legion of new ears — thanks to his incredible unique wordplay.

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Produced by WondaGurl and CuBeatz, his latest offering, “Hsta Luego,” finds the rapper spilling words from his personal diary of verbal thoughts. “A record that was almost on [the album],” says J.I.D about the song. “For all the fans, friends, and family that’s been down or just got down or whatever the f*ck.”

“Emergency lane and I’m swerving, damaging the whip, but shit, fuck it, I’m fucking vanishing/Had to get out of Atlanta for a little minute, you know there’s madness in the fucking city/I thought it was love here, I thought I was good, I’m stuck in the mud here/I’m looking for drugs, I’m looking for big buds with the good hair/Or a ten-piece hot lemon pepper sprinkled, fries crinkled, that’s the lingo/If that’s your girlfriend, she acting single,” raps J.I.D on the track.

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