Joey Bada$$ Says He Inspired JAY-Z’s ‘4:44′ Album

While JAY-Z’s 4:44 album continues to cause tremors in the hip-hop world, one Brooklyn MC is taking credit for being one of Hov’s inspirations for his latest body of work.

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“I know I was an inspiration to that album. There’s nothing nobody can tell me,” Joey Bada$$ said during an interview with Montreality. After gushing about his influence, the “Legendary” MC elaborated on how his candid subject matter has had a trickle-up effect on veteran rappers.

“I put certain pressure on these OGs in the rap game, like they know what they gotta talk about now, cause they got this young ni**a Joey Bada$$ comin’ out, talking about this sh*t before they got the chance to talk about it,” he said. Finally, Bada$$ saluted Hov for his efforts on his 13th solo release. “I love the album, it’s great. I’m glad he spoke about everything he spoke on and I’m glad I could be inspirational.”

Earlier this year, Bada$$ dished out his take on America’s political system with his sophomore album All-Amerikkkan Bada$$Tracks like “Land of the Free” and “For My People” allowed Joey to voice his disdain for the nation’s desire for corruption.

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Check out his interview below.

This article was originally published on Billboard.