John Singleton On R. Kelly: “A Lot Of People Have A Bunch Of Girlfriends”


Earlier this month, Buzzfeed published a widely-discussed investigative piece on R. Kelly’s reported “cult” where parents are fighting for their daughters’ return home. The article also noted instances of alleged physical abuse and controlling behavior at the hands of Kelly. Two of the five women are aged 18 and 19.

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Although other celebrities, including those who’ve collaborated with the R&B singer, have remained silent on the issue, famed director John Singleton decided to share his thoughts. According to The Root, the Baby Boy creator had this to say.

The 49-year-old was asked if he felt Kelly was “misunderstood,” to which he disagreed. “He has, you know, a bunch of girlfriends,” Singleton said to TMZ’s cameras. “A lot of people have a bunch of girlfriends.”

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Singleton then went on to state that the women in question are mature. “The women that he’s with are adult women,” he said. “And they made the decision to be with him, and know what they’re getting into so I don’t see what the controversy is really about.”

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Recently, one woman named Jocelyn Savage conducted an interview with TMZ to let her parents and the masses know that she’s “not being brainwashed or anything like that.” The 21-year-old added that she’s “totally fine” and “happy where I’m at and everything is okay with me.”