Kevin Durant (And Russell Westbrook) Remain Stoic During Peyton Manning’s ESPYS Joke


Athletes take jabs during regulation, so they should be somewhat immune to a few non-physical shots from their fellow pros, especially when it comes to the annual ESPYS.

For Wednesday night’s showcase (July 12), host Peyton Manning didn’t hold back on his jokes concerning the touchy moments that have occurred in the world of sports, mainly the NBA. In 2016, the league and fans alike were rocked by Kevin Durant’s decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors. This also confirmed KD’s departure from former close teammate Russell Westbrook, which reportedly left a sour taste in the latter’s mouth.

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To play off of the trade heard around the world, Manning quipped that Durant was interested in joining yet another super-team, that being the U.S.A.’s gymnastics squad. “Our gymnastics team was so dominant that Kevin Durant told me he wants to play for them next year,” the NFL champ said to a roaring crowd. Durant, however, kept a stoic face which led people to wonder if he was in on the joke or failed to find its humor.

Manning then posed a question to Russell Westbrook on whether Durant would start for that team, prompting the MVP to keep his comments to himself. Although Durant and Westbrook have remained silent regarding their present-day relationship, the former remained candid on the leap to GSW for his Still KD documentary.

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To hear Manning’s full opening speech, watch the video below.