King Los Gives A Vicious Warning to His Competition On “Dear 2017″

King Los has been under the radar for a minute since his last project God, Money, War and Diddy’s MMM mixtape dropped, but as one of today’s most consistent lyrical rhyme slayers, he can’t stay away for too long. He managed to put everyone in 2017 on notice with his newest cut, “Dear 2017.”

The flame spitta lyrically goes bananas all across the five-minute track and delivers a catchy hook. He certainly doesn’t waste a bar either as he lets everyone know that he’s sick of the bullsh*t while claiming his stake in the culture.

When Los dropped the song on his YouTube page, he left a note that vaguely explains his recent absence: “a tribute to my dedicated fans that stuck with me through my growth. This is my story and my life. Sorry for the delay but sometimes separation is necessary. Please enjoy this because it’s only the beginning of an amazing story.”

King Los’s dizzying lyrical gymnastics is something for us to chew on until we finally get to check out his forthcoming mixtape Zero Gravity 3.