.Knight Has A Lesson Plan For Life On New Single “What I Learned Last Year”


.Knight, a novice rapper from Accokeek, Maryland, recently released a new single “What I Learned Last Year” ahead of his forthcoming debut album, Potential:Intermission.

“I know, I know all this sh*t’s a test/ What you b***hin’ ’bout? If you ain’t in the ground, sh*t you blessed,” .Knight asserts at the top of the track. He then goes on to depict his approach to life after spending the last year learning to worry less and live more.

With Potential:Intermission on the horizon, .Knight believes that feelings of inadequacy and depression are universal and will attract a wide range of audiences to the project.

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“I believe everybody at some point questions whether or not they will truly realize their potential,” the Maryland rapper tells VIBE via email. “I think a lot of people feel lost because they lack the vision, let alone the drive, to meet the expectations they set for themselves. They don’t know where they want to go and in some cases, they simply don’t care. The story I’m telling is not a new one, in fact, it’s the opposite. This is a journey we all share, this is the full spectrum of the human experience.”

Watch the beautifully shot promo video for the album up top.

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