Lil Wayne Eats Rappers At “Dinnertime” On Unreleased Track

After releasing a three-song EP, In Tune We Trust on July 5th, a vintage-sounding Lil Wayne track has surfaced on the ‘Net today (July 17). Over booming 808 production by Deezle, the New Orleans nartive he takes aim at his fellow MCs with a fearless stop-and-go flow combined with witty wordplay.

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According to, the track was made in a matter of minutes.

“He [Lil Wayne] instructs his engineer, Darius ‘Deezle’ Harrison, to fire up a new song; as soon as he hears his own music, Wayne grows wild, his slow-mo confidence shoved abruptly aside by a raging, theatrical egotism. The track is called ‘Dinnertime’, in which Wayne compares other rappers to food and then eats them, chewing noises included. Faced with his prodigious skills, he stutter-steps around the room, headbanging with increasing violence. ‘I’m too sick’ he says, revving himself up. ‘Too sick! I don’t even wanna listen to my own shit, because it makes me want to kill somebody!’ The moment the song ends, Wayne bellows at no one in particular: ‘Fuck yo’ favorite rapper!’ He tells Deezle to dial up another track and reiterates his point, stomping his Nikes to emphasize each syllable: ‘FUCK! YO’! FAV! OR! ITE! RAP! PER!’”

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