LL Cool J Shares Somber Response To Maia Campbell’s Dismissal


After a disheartening viral video of Maia Campbell appeared on the web earlier this week, LL Cool J extended a hand of concern and asked fans to help him find his former In the House castmate. The 40-year old mother of one heard of the rapper’s search and simply swatted away the Lip Sync Battle’s attempt of compassion.

“Hey Todd, look bro, I love you,” she tells her former colleague in a recorded video. “I don’t need help, I just need a benefit concert for mental health. Don’t DM me.”

The NCIS: Los Angeles actor took to Twitter and posted a tweet in response to Campbell’s denial that she needs help.

His mentions soon became filled with messages of encouragement to keep pursuing ways to help Campbell battle bipolar disease and drug addiction relapse.

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You can watch Maia Campbell’s response here.