Washington National’s Bryce Harper Says Logic’s ‘5AM’ Got Him “Too Fired Up'”


Washington Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper proves that music can really affect you both literally and figuratively. In his case, however, it made him strike out, and take a seat

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Wednesday night (July 26) the 24-year-old was ejected from a game against the Milwaukee Brewers in the bottom of the eighth after he missed in what could have been a tiebreaker. But get this: he blames the mishap on being “too fired” up after listening to his playlist, which includes Logic and Chance The Rapper, reports The Washington Post.

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Still, it’s worth noting, that despite his minor setback, the Nationals won, 8-5. There’s no word on what Chance The Rapper song got him going, but take a listen to Logic’s “5 Am” yourself below. Does it fire you up?