Macklemore Enlists Lil Yachty For His New Single “Marmalade”

Macklemore is flying solo these days since recently splitting from his long-time partner in music Ryan Lewis, but it seems like he’s working just find without him. For his latest track, Mack called on Lil Yachty to throw down on his new single “Marmalade.”

The Seattle-born artist raps over a light-hearted piano loop with a hint of autotune clouding around his verse. Yachty takes on the same autotuned flow to spit a verse full of candy bars. The Grammy-award winning rapper took trip overseas to London to debut his second single off his upcoming album with Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 radio show where he commented on his split with Lewis, and wished him well.

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“Ryan is doing some amazing things, Ryan told Zane Lowe. “He just put out ‘Praying’ with Ke$ha and I got the new album coming out. Ryan and I have always collaborated with people, too. So nothing on that front is different. This album has definitely been a different experience and in a lot of ways, a lot of fun.”