Florida Man Stabs Dog To Death For Always Siding With Girlfriend During Arguments


In today’s episode “Nah, beloved, this isn’t the move.” a Florida man faces one count of animal cruelty after reportedly stabbing his dog to death. The pup’s crime? Always taking his girlfriend’s side during arguments.

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According to Fox 47 news, Mike Lado, 26, killed the Boxer Lab mix after an argument erupted after a night of heavy drinking. During the dispute, Blue, was sitting next to Lado’s girlfriend who was also the dog’s owner.

After the heated exchange, police say Blue escaped from his collar and followed Lado’s into the kitchen. Lado’s girlfriend said Blue didn’t approach Lado in an aggressive manner, but Blue did bark at Lado.

Lado reportedly stabbed Blue twice with a large butcher knife. Police say there was blood on the door where Blue is believed to have tried to escape. Blue unfortunately bled out.

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Lado is now being held on $5,000 bail in the Lee County Jail.