Master P Donated 10 Scholarships To Inner City Kids In New Orleans

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Master P and his foundation, Team Hope, hosted a charity basketball game at Xavier University in Louisiana earlier this week, and it was full of surprises. In addition to bringing some healthy competition to the Louisiana area, Master P also brought some huge smiles after gifting the community with several scholarships to help inner-city children.

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The proceeds from the Team Hope NOLA game went towards the various scholarships that benefitted 10 different kids. It’s unclear how much was raised however.

Besides the scholarship fund, the event seemed to be a pretty good time. R&B girl group, June’s Diary and Master P’s daughter, Cymphonique provided the musical entertainment for the night. And Romeo was also present. The game reportedly incorporated a 3-point contest, dunk competition, as well as a number of secondary events for other attendees, according to a statement on Instagram.

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“This day was all about peace, helping and preparing the next generation. It was a family fun entertaining event filled with excitement, peace and hope,” the Instagram statement reads. Team Hope also offers several other programs and initiative for children and families.


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