MC Lyte Makes An Unforgettable Debut In ‘Queen Of The South’ (Exclusive)

Legendary rapper MC Lyte will make her USA debut tonight (July 27) on the network’s hit drama series, Queen of The South.

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The show is based on Arturo Perez-Reverte’s international best-selling novel of the same name. For its first season, the show told Teresa Mendoza’s (Alice Braga) story of fleeing from Mexico to America after her drug dealing boyfriend was murdered for selling narcotics. In season two, viewers will see Mendoza transform from a bystander to a seemingly dangerous drug queen-pin.

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Through this new life, she sacrifices her moral code for street politics and aims to face her foe (and one-time mentor) Camila Vargas (Veronica Falcon), who has a tight grip on power. In an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, MC Lyte plays a professor who is American drug kingpin, Devon Finch’s right-hand woman.

Catch Queen of The South tonight (July 27) on USA at 10 p.m.