Michael Vick Resents Comment On Colin Kaepernick’s Hair


Former pro-athlete Michael Vick caught flack earlier this week for his controversial remarks on what Colin Kaepernick needs to do in order to solidify a spot on an NFL team. During an appearance on FS1’s “Speak For Yourself,” the 37-year-old said that Kaepernick should “cut his hair” to look prim and proper for potential scouts.

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Although the former San Francisco 49er issued a straight-to-the-point response to Vick’s comments, the latter returns to the spotlight to clean up his remarks. On Thursday (July 20), Vick phoned in to “The Dan Patrick Show” to gain control over his statement.

“At the end of the day what I said, I should have never said,” he began. “I think it was taken out of context in regards to what I was trying to convey, but I only want to help Kaepernick and I’m not a general manager, I’m not the guy that makes the decisions on getting him signed and I’m truly sorry for what I said. I think I should have used a better choice of words.”

According to ESPN, Kaep, 29, didn’t re-sign with the 49ers which placed him on free agent status since March. During that time, Kaepernick aimed his focus on social issues and giving back to those in need.

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