Flashback Friday: That Time Nickelback Crashed VIBE’s Crown Royal Tasting

Crown Royal’s allure lies in its connection to hip-hop (Big Boi, EPMD) and the ability to kick your tastebuds with a unique whiskey blend.

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It’s one of the few reasons why we were thrilled have National Brand Ambassador Stephen Wilson swing by VIBE’s New York office last month, where we were treated to Crown Royal Wine Barrel Finished, the second expression in the Crown Royal Noble Collection.

CREDIT: Jason Chandler

To our surprise, we weren’t the only ones to be an admire of the whiskey brand.

CREDIT: Jason Chandler

While learning about the inclusion of Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels in the finished spirit, we couldn’t help but notice the lingering eyes outside of the tasting. With our new home set up at Billboard (read about it here), the combinations of acts that walk through the glass doors are intriguing to say the least. The wanderer turned out to be Ryan Peake of Nickelback, who were performing for Billboard’s Facebook Live session just a few feet away.

After a performing their latest single “Song On Fire,” the group joined the VIBE staff for a few laughs and of course, shots of Crown.

Crown Royal is used to pleasant surprises. The brand’s latest campaign, the Crown Royal Artist Collection, released last week, showcases fun twists on the Crown Royal bag, its signature accessory that remains long after the bottle is finished.

CREDIT: Crown Royal

The two new limited edition bags were designed by New York City-based artists Santtu Mustonen and Yoon Hyup and shared at The Explorer’s Club on July 6. One of the bags even doubles as a silk scarf.

“Our purple bags are a source of pride and we are honored to be working with Santtu and Yoon to launch the Artist Collection,” said Crown Royal Brand Director Jim Ruane. “They both created bags that add a beautiful touch of sophistication when displayed on Crown Royal Deluxe bottles and we know consumers will enjoy being able to purchase these limited edition works of art.”

CREDIT: Crown Royal

The limited edition bags are $50 through ReserveBar.com and sold on a first-come first-served basis. Find out more about Crown Royal’s artist campaign here.

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