Oh Baby: Nicki Minaj Cryptic Tweet Gets People Talking

Nicki Minaj got eyebrows a’raisin’ Monday night (Jul. 10), after posting a cryptic tweet featuring nothing but a baby emoji.

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Naturally, this lead many members of “The Kingdom” to believe that their Queen may be with child. What may have added fuel to the flame was her Minajesty “liking” several tweets responding to her head-scratching post. Many of her newly-favorited tweets have to do with pregnancy, while some others pertain to the Queen Barb “birthing” a new album.

We don’t know what to believe at this point, as Nicki’s team nor Nicki herself has commented on the tweet since posting.

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Recently, Minaj has been romantically linked to rapper Nas. She told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show in late-May that her and the legendary MC have had a few “sleepovers” together. Check out some of the tweets Nicki favorited below.


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