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Bronx Teen At Rikers Makes Bail "Thanks To The Robert F. Kennedy Organization"

"They came to the rescue." 

After spending a year behind bars at Rikers Island for an alleged shooting that multiple witnesses and the victim said he did not commit, Pedro Hernandez, 17, makes bail thanks to the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization.

His mother, Jessica Perez, spoke with us, disclosing he walks a free man Thursday night (July 27). "The RFK organization managed to lower his bail to $100,000, and they're posting his bail tomorrow! I am so thankful RFK came to the rescue!" she said via text message. "While criminal charges are pending, I hope NYPD doesn't harass him and that he can heal mentally."

Hernandez, an honor student months away from attending college on a full scholarship, was arrested in 2016 and accused of shooting a fellow teen in the leg (witnesses have it on record they were coerced into saying he did it). Hernandez endured repeated pressure to accept a guilty plea agreement that would see him on probation for five years, but expressed his desire to prove his innocence in court.

“No one should disappear into a jail as notorious as Rikers Island simply because they can’t afford bail,” said Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights President, Kerry Kennedy. “The clear injustice of Pedro Hernandez’s situation breaks my heart, as it should the hearts of all New Yorkers who desire an effective justice system.”

Hernandez's family shared a statement via Facebook:

As a family we want to extend our feeling of appreciation to every single person who stepped forward, and donated money on this crowdfunding page for Pedro. We are extremely grateful for all the amazing people/families who supported this cause to bring Pedro home and have him here to begin his future and go onto college soon. However, due to the requirements on the bail we later found out that we were being demanded to show proof of where the money was coming from in which was over 3,ooo supporting donors. Each of you would have been asked to show bank statements, and be checked to assure you are "legal". Thanks to Kerry Kennedy, and the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization Pedro will be home as soon as tomorrow. They reviewed the injustices happening and personally reached out to me with a helping hand. A wonderful lawyer came to represent the organization and go in front of a judge to remove the surety so they can post the bail. For unknown, yet questionable reasons the prosecutor didn't oppose to them posting bail, and also decided to lower the bail amount to 100,000$. The money donated by you all will go towards first legal assistance for Pedro, because the case still is ongoing. It will also be used towards educational fees for Pedro, as well as to support others in hardships like Pedro's. We will like to keep everyone aware that yes Pedro is standing up for all innocent people being accused of a crime they did not commit. For those who are sitting in jail unable to post an outrageous bail amount, and just in general many others. However he isn't the only one in this harsh reality of our "justice" system, there are many of our youth incarcerated unjustly that don't have a voice. I will like to thank those in our nation that still believe in our constitutional rights, and showed their support. As first stated..... with complete sincerity & gratuity  -The More hopeful family of PedroIt is not necessary that you continue donating!!!! Thank you!

We anticipate further dialogue with Hernandez and his mother as they wait for trial.

UPDATE: 07/27/17 8:33 p.m. EST

Pedro Hernandez has officially been released from Rikers Island. By his side in the photo below are his mother, RFK Young Leaders Manager Sierra Ewert and human rights lawyer Wade McMullen.


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Ohio Racist Arrested For Threatening Mass Shooting At Jewish Community Center

An Ohio man was arrested for making threats against a local Jewish community center.

According to reports, local law enforcement became aware of James Reardon Jr., on July 11 after he posted an Instagram video of a man shooting a semi-automatic rifle. Sirens and screams could be heard in the background and officials said the 20-year-old tagged the Jewish Community Center of Youngstown in the post.

New Middletown Police Chief Vince D’Egidio said the video prompted an urgent and swift investigation into Reardon.

"That kicked off an intense investigation, a very rapidly evolving investigation, because of the way the world is," he said.

Reardon has branded himself a white nationalist and anti-Semite. He also reportedly attended  2017's "Unite The Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Over the weekend, the FBI's Violent Crimes Task Force raided Reardon's home and located a cache of guns, ammunition and other weapons including a gas mask and bulletproof armor.

Eleven men and women were killed at a Pittsburgh synagogue last October just an hour away from the community center in question. Increased security has been offered to the Jewish center prior to Reardon's arrest and will remain until further notice.

"This is a person that has declared himself as a white nationalist. With the hate crimes and everything else going on, we want to make sure we do our part to make sure this person was taken off the streets very quickly," D’Egidio said.

Reardon is being held n $250,000 bond. He's charged with telecommunications harassment and aggravated menacing.

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Eric Reid Blasts JAY-Z's NFL Deal: "When Has JAY Z Ever Taken A Knee?"

JAY-Z's recent partnership with the NFL has been met with a lot of raised eyebrows and condemnation.

The rap mogul vocally supported Colin Kaepernick's peaceful protest against police brutality and reportedly went as far as to talk Travis Scott out of performing during last year's halftime Superbowl. So when it was announced Roc Nation would help manage the league's entertainment and social justice leg, many didn't understand why.

The criticism only grew after the 4:44 artist alleged to have spoken to Kaepernick about his new business venture, only for his longtime girlfriend Nessa to refute the claims on social media.

TMZ  then reported JAY Z will have majority ownership in an NFL team, which now puts more pressure on him to be a change agent and not just a figurehead.

Eric Reid on Jay Z kneeling statement: “When has Jay Z ever taken a knee? For you get paid to go into a NFL conference and say we are past kneeling is asinine.”

— Ashley Holder (@AshNoelleTV) August 17, 2019

Carolina Panther's safety Eric Reid spoke with reporters about JAY-Z's newest venture and called it "despicable."

"When has JAY-Z ever taken a knee? Yes, he’s done a lot of great work," Reid said. "A lot of great social justice work, but for you to get paid to go into an NFL press conference and say that we’re past kneeling? Again, asinine. Players Coalition 2.0. He got paid to take the bullets that he’s taking now because we’re not having it.”

To Reid and many others, JAY-Z looks hypocritical.

“JAY-Z claimed to be a supporter of Colin, wore his jersey, told people not to perform at the Super Bowl because of the treatment that the NFL did to Colin. Now he’s going to be a part-owner and it’s kind of despicable.”

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Tennessee Clerk Faces 60 Years For Killing Black Teen For Stealing A $2 Beer

A Tennessee clerk showed no emotion after a jury found him guilty of second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Dorian Harris.

Anwar Ghazali faces up to 60 years in prison for killing Dorian who stole a $2 beer from his Top Shop convenient store.

Ghazali's defense said he never intended to kill Dorian. Instead, his lawyer alleges he fired off shots in the air as a warning. However, Dorian was struck in his femoral artery, which caused him to bleed out. The teen's body was reportedly found later at a nearby abandoned home.

The 29-year-old store clerk didn't take the stand, however, his criminal defense attorney, Black Ballin, noted he was 77 feet away from Dorian when he chased after him, a long enough distance that proved he didn't intend to kill the teen.

"That's like Steph Curry standing on the other side of the court, and knowing that he'll make a shot at a 94-foot distance. Even Steph Curry can't guarantee that," Ballin said.

The prosecution, however, didn't care how far away Ghazali was and built their case based upon the surveillance video from the night in question. Prosecutors also stated that after the shooting, he didn't call local law enforcement and calmly walked back into the north Memphis convenience store to ring up more customers.

"The defendant took it upon himself to be the judge, the jury and the executioner over a $2 [drink]. That's why we're here," said Lora Fowler said during closing arguments. "Why are you using deadly force to defend a [drink]?"

The convenience store was reportedly closed for two weeks following the shooting as protests erupted throughout the city days after Dorian's murder

Ghazali will return to court on September 23rd and receive his sentencing.


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