Premiere: Bonelang Goes Beyond The Lights For Celestial ‘Mushroom Moon’ Visual

Bonelang takes on the layers of love with their latest video for “Mushroom Moon.”

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Filmed in Chicago’s Adler Planetarium, Matt Bones and Samy.Language share enchanting hooks as projections of stars and nebula take over the eye. Directed by JP O’ Rouke, the video is essentially an experience that plays to the group’s strengths and unique sound.

Often designated as a jazz-rap duo, the two share history in the indie-rock world and other sub-genres like emo (R.I.P.) and thrash metal. “I think it’s been a natural and slow process to see what we’ve become here,” Samy.Language tells Vocalo Music. He also shared how poetry and appreciation for Guru’s masterful skills brought him into hip-hop. “We didn’t set down to do anything in particular [when we’re talking about genre] this is sort of just what comes out of out a decade of us doing this,” Bones adds.

Since 2003

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The two found inspiration for the visuals to “Mushroom Moon” from the classic film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. With the starry nights just revealing one layer of the night’s true scope, the track does the same, touching on the misconceptions of love and the self.

Filmed in one take, Bonelang is also the first act to record in the planetarium. “Mushroom Moon” is just a piece of what the band has to offer. The group released their debut album Venn Diagrams Pt. 1 this year and will bring their talents to Webster Hall with Brandon Markell Holmes on July 29. Their debut is just the first installment in their series, The Year of the Sunflower.

Tap into “Mushroom Moon” up top.

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