Premiere: Sammie Sets His Eye On A “Bad Gal” For His Summer Comeback


Sammie’s return to music is unconventional, but brilliant at best. The former child star who brought us middle-school jams like “I Like” as well as high school tunes like “You Should Be My Girl,” never stopped making music. Fans of the Atlanta crooner got to see this last year when a charming Instagram clip of the artist singing unexpectedly went viral.

From there, it only made sense to drop the 6-EP I’m Him, which shot up the iTunes R&B charts. Now, the singer is taking his groove to the islands with the afrobeats inspired track, “Bad Gal.”

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Produced by Bryan “K City” Elmore, the song plays into music’s current fascination with Afrobeats and Dancehall. Welcoming and wine worthy, Sammie is looking to create another song for the summer. “Issa vibe, I just wanted to create a record that made women feel happy and sexy simultaneously,” Sammie tells VIBE. “It’s the summer time. People just want to feel good and have fun and getaway for a moment. “Bad Gal”‘ does that.”

The artist is currently working on his new album that will more than likely feature R&B’s ever changing sound.

Jam out to “Bad Gal” below.

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