A Pair Of Racists Attack An Interracial Couple And Threaten To Lynch A Man


An interracial Brooklyn couple was out celebrating their six year anniversary when they were accosted by two men hurling racial slurs. Anna 38, and her boyfriend John 50, asked that their last names not be revealed in hopes to lessen any backlash.

According to The New York Daily News, Anna who is is a white woman from Moldova and John a black man from Trinidad ,just parked their car in Sheepshead Bay Saturday morning (July 8) when they were confronted by Bernard Szurant and Rudolph Evmenenko spewing racist insults.

“This is our neighborhood you f**king n***er! Get out of here!” they allegedly said to Anna and John.

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Anna tells the Daily News for about 10 minutes Szurant and Evmenenko were primarily attacking John, and through their drunkenness threatened the former boxer with physical harm. John says he’s was more worried about his girlfriend’s safety.

“I was trying to sort of be a barrier between her and them,” he said. “I was more concerned about her because she just threw herself right in the middle of it.” The racists pair’s insults escalated when one of the suspects threatening physical harm. “Go back to your neighborhood, we’re going to lynch you, you f—— charcoal burner!”

Per court documents, John sustained a gash to his arm while attempting to defend himself. Anna says she took her phone out to call 911 but Evmenenko knocked the phone out of her hand.

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The tirade continued all the way up until the authorities showed up. Police put Szurant and Evmenenko in handcuffs where Szurant–who also has a lengthy rap sheet with 23 arrests, one arrest includes choking his sister–also threatened one of the black officers who took him into custody.

“I know you,”Szurant said to the detective. “I know where you work. I am going to come to the 61st Precinct and f**king kill you, you f***ing n***er.”

Szurant and Evmenenko were arrested and charged with assault, menacing, criminal mischief and harassment. Szurant was also charged the threatening a detective.