Rob Kardashian May Face Charges For Posting Nudes Of Blac Chyna


Robert Kardashian proved to be the Duke of “I Don’t Give A F**K” and High Saint of  Savagery when he took to Instagram to throw Blac Chyna under the bus for cheating on him. Whether it be posting videos, text messages or even nude photos of his ex-fiancee, the youngest Kardashian woke up prepared to air his dirty laundry.

So after a long holiday weekend with no one wanting to be at work, the Blac-Chyna and Rob Kardashian feud proved to be the entertainment needed to pass the time. However, it seems like the 30 year old may now face legal measures due to his emotional outburst.

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According to The Washington Post, Kardashian’s pettiness, which lived on Instagram and Twitter can be described as revenge porn, and in California where they both reside, it’s illegal. The 2014 penal code also known as “nonconsensual pornography” is described as  “the intentional distribution of intimate photos or videos of another “identifiable person” that were intended to remain private and, when shared, caused “serious emotional distress.” If someone is found guilty of revenge porn in California, they can face up to $1,000 fine and six months in prison.

Prior to 2014, judges told victims–mostly women–they had no legal recourse because they consented to sending the photo. However, activists argued sending a naked photo did not mean they consented to its public distribution. Things changed when a slew of celebrities–also mostly women–had their private emails hacked. Now, about two-thirds of the U.S. states have “revenge porn” laws on the books with some states like Illinois considering the crime a felony.

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As of now, Kardashian has not been charged.