Russ Draws The Line Between Himself And Mainstream Rappers On “Me You”

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Russ continues to keep his foot on the music industry’s neck with song after song. He proudly declares his independence and artistic freedom every chance he gets. This time, he separates himself from the rest of the pack with his latest incendiary video, “Me You.”

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The video features Russ and multiple clones of himself going around in a lavish white house, which seemingly is a metaphor for his DIY work ethic. Russ separates himself from many mainstream artists on “Me You” by making it known that he “got it out the mud” while the rest “has their hands out.”

“I was off for so long, now I’m on though/Bi**h, I’m talkin’, don’t you interrupt this god flow/Thank you to anyone who ever slammed the door on me/Because of you, I did it myself, so it means more to me/Did so many free shows and now they can’t afford the fee/No one gave a f**k and now the whole world’s recordin’ me, yeah,” raps Russ on the track.

His debut album, There Really Is A Wolf, is now available on all streaming services and digital markets.

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