Selena Gomez Has A “Fetish” For The Surreal In Gucci Mane-Assisted Video

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Selena Gomez’s “Fetish” has finally received some visuals and, aside from a Gucci Mane appearance, they’re far from what you may have expected. The recently released single was transformed into a music video with the help of Petra Collins, who directed Lil’ Yachty’s “All In” film and “Keep Sailing” music video.

Starting off as a normal stroll home in a suburban area, the video shows the singer glistening and singing to the sun before she arrives at her destination… and that’s about as normal as it gets. After making her way into an abandoned house, in a seemingly deserted neighborhood, Selena begins to take us into her surreal world, where we experience her eating soap, tying strings around her tongue and crooning inside a freezer room before Gucci begins to spit his verse.

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The Revival artist hasn’t announced any plans to release a project in the future, but her latest single following “Bad Liar” have been keeping us hopeful. Although she decided to take a break from her career due to her experience with Lupus, Gomez has been keeping busy as an executive producer for 13 Reasons Why, which had everyone buzzing after a controversial run on Netflix.