Skepta Calls Out The Critics On “Hypocrisy”


Skepta can produce a mean beat when he wants to, but the music world remains sleep. His new cut “Hypocrisy” was written and produced by the London star. Over the bouncy heater, the wordsmith dishes a few rhymes at his foes—haters from a far.

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However, the s**t talkers aren’t the only ones who get bombed upon here. Anyone who doesn’t want to see the man grow from Grime lord to international superstar can also sit down when Skepta’s in town.

“They try to disrespect me/When they’re online especially/But everyting cool when they check me/Because I’m so cool and deadly/See, I had to realise slowly/That nobody actually knows me/Yeah, man, I’ve got fifteen different iPhones/But I am so not phoney,” he raps on the track.

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