Suge Knight’s Son Calls Funkmaster Flex A “Lowlife” For Making Light Of His Father’s Imprisonment

While Suge Knight might be viewed as one of hip-hop’s biggest evildoers, the 51-year-old is still a father of five, and for all intents and purposes his children make their loyalty to their dad known, as was the case over the weekend.

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Hot 97.FM’s Funkmaster Flex took to Instagram Saturday (July 8) to poke fun at the former Death Row Records CEO. Knight, who was charged in February 2015 with murder for a hit and run that killed Terry Carter and severely injured Cle “Bone” Sloan, faces life in prison. The 6’2, 265lb man who was often seen as physically dominating and in control, was captured in court demonstrating a humble side, which Flex found amusing.

“Hahaha, bet he wanna turn back the clock and dance in them videos,” Flex captioned. “Humble pie. [A lot of] yes sir no sir.”

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One of Suge Knight’s sons saw the caption and didn’t take too kindly to Flex making fun of his father’s predicament, and via Knight’s Instagram account called out the New York DJ for being less of a man.

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“You’re a lowlife and a punk to even say this while my pops is locked up unjustly. You’re way too old to be keeping up this division between us black men, and you also show how much you lack being a man.”

At the time of this post, Flex hasn’t responded, but if we know Flex a rebuttal is being FedEx’d at this very moment.