Payback Is Magical And Marvelous In SZA’s Video For “Supermodel”


If you haven’t figured it out by now, SZA puts the woman on top. All throughout her well-received album, Ctrl, she makes a point to reckon with those insecurities we feel as women and flip them on their head, salvaging some of the power left after the emotional wreckage.

We saw the twisted way she used the act of seduction as a tool for revenge in “Love Galore” with Travis Scott (poor guy), and in the ethereal new flick for “Supermodel,” we see how embarrassment and self-confidence can be used to level the playing field. The video, which initially released on Monday (July 31) as an Apple Music exclusive, finds SZA torn between the modelesque, confident and overall poppin’ self she sees in the mirror, and the every day version of herself that an undeserving boyfriend mocks, belittles and takes advantage of, emotionally.

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But with a little magic, fairy dust, killer pumps and easily entertained little kids, she treats him with a dose of his own medicine by video’s end. Press play on the ultimate payback up top.

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