Taylor Bennett Spins Kendrick Lamar’s “Feel” Into His Own Therapy


Taylor Bennett has good days and bad days just like the rest of us, but when he’s really feeling low, his pen is there for him. Music is therapy for the Chicago lyricist, even on the those days when he thinks about giving it all up.

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“Very often I’ve had thoughts of quitting this industry but even when I get so low that I want to give up there is an energy that pushes me to want to vent… I ride the waves and star gaze 2 keep writing the Bible,” wrote Taylor about the song. “While I was writing this it felt like my last attempt to breach the music industry which explains the ending chorus, ‘I feel like won’t nobody play this for me.'”

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Taylor also recently opened up about his decision to come out as bisexual and hip-hop’s changing views on the LGBT community.

“It was the day before I turned 21,” Taylor told Billboard. “I was in Malibu and realized I felt like this for a while. I thought that being 21 is a huge step for manhood and being officially grown up. I realized I have a lot of fans that are younger than me, and I know they’re probably struggling — I want them to be able to look at their favorite artist or someone to even look up to in the black community, in hip-hop, that’s not afraid to be themselves and tell them it’s all right. Always be yourself, always be strong.”