Terrell Owens Wouldn’t Mind Joining Ice Cube’s BIG3 League


Terrell Owens is ready for a comeback. The ex-NFL player wants to take his talents to Ice Cube’s BIG3 league for retired NBA players.

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Even though Owens made his name in the NFL, the former wide receiver played basketball in high school and college. And he’s confident that he can hoop right alongside some of the basketball greats.

Cube’s traveling 3-on-3 league, which features Allen Iverson (who doubles as a coach), Gary Payton, and Julius Erving, launched at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center last month. The league recently announced a deal to hold its BIG3 Championship Finals ahead of the Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor fight at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas next month.

In an interview with TMZ Sports Saturday (July 15), Owens explained why he’s a perfect choice for the league, and revealed that he hasn’t gotten in contact with Cube yet.

“I gotta’ get Ice Cube’s number to see if I can kind of some way somehow get my name in the hat to get on one of these teams because again, I definitely can play,” Owens said.

The 43-year-old athlete also made it clear that he has plenty of people who can vouch for his skills on the court.

Peep the interview below.

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