Travis Scott Scolds VIP Concert Goers For Being On Their Phones

Word to the wise: don’t play on your phone while watching a Travis Scott concert.

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The “Goosebumps” musician recently had a few strong words for a fan lucky enough to be in the V.I.P. section during Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. tour, which Scott is a featured entertainer on.

During his first song, Scott is hoisted into the air on a bird that flies through the audience. While getting a bird’s eye view of the crowd, the Houston artist spotted fans who thought his cell phone was more interesting than seeing him in the air.

“Ayo all y’all ni**as that’s with me that’s behind the gate that’s on y’all phones, y’all ni**as can take y’all a** home or y’all can go back there and watch the show bro,” Scott says to the distracted audience members.

He finishes off with some words of advice the next time they purchase tickets for something they won’t pay attention to.

“Don’t get no V.I.P. motherf**king show texting on your phone like this sh*t wack or something. Get your motherf**king a** out of here. None of you ni**as got no b**ches.”

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Now you know how to act for future La Flame performances.