Tyga, C.J. Wallace Land Roles For Third Season Of MTV’s ‘Scream’

A new season of MTV’s Scream will feature Tyga and C.J. Wallace, The Hollywood Reporter notes. The show’s third season enlisted the duo for leading roles in the six-episode rollout, which will hit television screens in March 2018.

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Reportedly, the show’s production will shoot between Louisiana and Georgia. Queen Latifah remains the series’ executive producer. The new season is based on track-star Deion Elliott, whose haunting past takes a toll (and maybe the lives) of some of his friends.

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Tyga is set to play Jamal, Deion’s mischievous yet kind step-brother. Wallace (The Notorious B.I.G.’s son) will play Amir, who comes from a strict home, but is stuck with a fight for his life. Ultimately, this is the first time both are cast in a series. However, they have credits in movies like Kicks, Notorious and Everything Must Go (Wallace); Logan and Fighting (Tyga).

Scream is set to premiere with a three-night event. A release date is still forthcoming.